Tuesday, February 2, 2010

though it is, I admit, the tiniest bit unlike I anticipated, I couldn't be happier!

Hey internet,

So this is week 2 of my Disney College Program! I completed training last week and had my assessment and guess what....I PASSED! Yay! Yesterday was my official first shift out of training and I love my job! After my first half hour a manager came up to me backstage and asked how long I had been doing this. I told her that this was my first day and she was floored! She told me that if I keep that up and just get better and better, then I will have a job here forever! I am not going to lie, I almost cried. I mean, don't get me wrong, this job is not all happiness and roses every minute of every day, but it is something that I know I am called to do! My apologies for not blogging too much, I will make sure to change this as soon as I get some free time! :)

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